Jordan Romero

My story in a nutshell: 

     The small town of Big Bear Lake, California became my humble abode when I was born in July 1996 to two loving parents: Paul and Leigh Anne. Being ski patrollers, one of their biggest priorities was putting me on skis at just under 2 years old. Over the course of my childhood and growing up in an outdoor cultured community, my passions developed also for climbing, mountain biking, and water sports. At the age of 9, my elementary school re-decorated the campus building with newly painted murals, one of them being the Seven Summits (The Highest Point on Each Continent) which quickly became my area of obsession. After countless hours of internet research, my father picked me up from school a few weeks later which is when I finally approached him about the possibility of pursuing one of the mountains such as Kilimanjaro. Between 10 and 11 months later, my father, Karen and I set off to reach the summit of Africa’s highest point, which is where the plan evolved into pursuing all Seven Summits.

     Just under six years later in December 2012, my dream became a reality as the team stood on the summit of Mt. Vinson in Antarctica which marked our 7th Summit. Since then I have been fortunate enough to co-author with Katherine Blanc to write The Boy Who Conquered Everest and No Summit Out of Sight with Linda Leblanc. No Summit Out of Sight has now been adopted in many school curriculums around the country since its release in May 2014. It has also been an inspiration for youth in leadership, setting goals, and discovering the passion that gets them out of bed every day. 

     In August 2014, I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to surround myself in one of the best outdoor meccas in the country and competitive playground and pursue an Environmental Studies degree from Westminster College. With my undergraduate career under my belt and skiing almost everyday in the Wasatch mountains, my plans are to continue understanding and doing my part to improve the world we live in through environmental and humanitarian work.