Since over a decade ago, I've been able to share my story with thousands of people at over hundreds of events and schools around the world. Whether you're in the education sector or organizing conferences & events, I would love to collaborate our efforts to make an appearance at your facility. 



       My career in speaking began ever since I was 11 years old and since then have given almost 200 presentations to audiences as large as 4,000. Here's what I want to provide for you as a skillful motivational speaker:

       An enjoyable experience both on and off stage -Presenting to audiences both big and small in different environments and scenarios requires different forms of engagement. My keynote presentations have always been adaptable and keep your audience actively listening. My goal is to make these experiences more of a conversation and less of a lecture in order to bring a new sense of passion and global awareness to the table. 


       Speaking Topics

  • A brief overview of lessons from early expeditions around the world

  • Encouraging global citizenship and humanitarian efforts

  • Demonstrating the importance of environmental and social justice

  • Providing the foundation for the audience to realize their passions

Video Chat | Q&A

     Limited on time and budget with the next to the same experience? A virtual video session with your classroom or group is the prefect fit for you. With a time period generally from 45 - 60 minutes, you can expect the same topics of covered above along with a Q&A session for as long as time allows. 

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