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     "Romero's incredible, inspiring story may not inspire all readers to become record-setting mountaineers, but it will motivate them to set sights on goals of their own to achieve." - (Kirkus Reviews)
     "The emotional pitch of the story remains high as Romero contends with extreme weather, frustration, exhaustion, and homesickness to reach, with almost palpable exhilaration, each peak." -  (Publishers Weekly)
     "It's one thing to embark on adventure, and it's another to do something amazing like climbing the highest mountain in the world. 'The Boy Who Conquered Everest: The Jordan Romero Story' tells the story of Jordan Romero who climbed the behemoth at the age of thirteen, among the youngest to ever see the summit. Encouraging other kids to find their own mountains in life and defeat, them, 'The Boy Who Conquered Everest' is a thoughtful read with plenty to ponder for younger readers, very highly recommended". - Midwest Book Review